Jellyfin hardware acceleration with AMD APU

I can’t find a solid answer on this, or at least one that I understand.

I have a Ryzen 2200G running Ubuntu, and the CPU gets completely maxed out when it has to transcode HVEC. Direct Play doesn’t look like an option and I don’t really want to redownload or re-encode half my library.

The Jellyfin readme has hardware acceleration options for Intel, Nvidia and RPi but nothing about AMD. Is there a way to enable hardware accelerated transcoding with this APU?

I just haven’t dealt with this lower level stuff before, but I assume it involves mesa drivers and VAAPI? Is there a resource for this? Or am I just going in the completely wrong direction?

Iirc the last time I tried, it worked out of the box for x264 with vaapi but hevc may be a different story. Try x264 and see if that works

Yeah x264 works immediately. The problem is half of my stuff is in HEVC.

I’m looking for a way to either not transcode HEVC and have the client play it directly, or have it transcode but not cook my 2200G.

Is the reason you can’t directly play HEVC because clients don’t support it? I assume there’s a reason Jellyfin can’t just force-disable transcoding it.

Direct play is entirely dependent on the client.

If my memory serves right, hevc transcode on amd requires the proprietary amd drivers installed on both the host and in the container, which is the deal breaker