Need some advice for running multiple services

I have been trying for a while now to find a way to easily run multiple services on a raspberry pi 4. From what I have seen, most of the nextcloud images try to do everything in one container which makes it super easy to set up but it prevents me from running other services. I really need a way to have nginx and lets encrypt outside of the app container so I can add more along side it. Does anyone know a good way to achieve this? I though traefik would be a good way to do this but I couldn’t find any way to set up nginx with it.

?? Our nextcloud does have nginx in there but only so it can serve its files. There is no letsencrypt in there.

Our letsencrypt image had nginx built in so it can serve and reverse proxy.

I don’t understand your concern about running multiple services though. What’s stopping you? Create as many containers as your device can handle. They are all sandboxed. You can run a whole bunch of nextcloud containers side by side, make sure you map different ports