New server setup for NAS + Docker (and maybe a lot more!)


Guess this is the first post in here xD

I’m getting a server upgrade soon™!

Old hardware:

Going over to a:

Still pondering between going UNRAID or setup my own Debian + Docker machine.
If going UNRAID then I need to flash the raid card to ITPRO mode, to use all Hdd’s as JBOD, so I can configure them in UNRAID. Probably going with SSD1 and SSD2 as BTRFS (raid1) cache and use the HDD1 as parity and the rest as Array disks. Unsure what to use the M.2 for then.

Anyone got any thoughts?


Unraid or not, I would flash the raid card anyway. No need to do hardware raid for a media server.

If you go the Debian route, one of our own, ironicbadger, wrote a great guide called the perfect media server here:


In addition to the Perfect Media Server guide you may also like this project It’s a script to automate installing docker/docker-compose and setting up containers (mostly LSIO ones). It’s designed with the idea that you don’t always want to use a menu system, and it has CLI options for more advanced users.


Back in the old days a raid-card was the way to go, together with the memory and speed such a card could give. Do you reckon that’s in the past? Would Debian + ZFS be just as good (or maybe better)?

Cheers. I’ll go and have a read :slight_smile:


Drives are much faster now than they used to be. Plus, you can put in an ssd as a cache drive and you’re good to go. That’s all the write speed you need


I’ve just gone down the MergerFS + Snapraid rabbit hole for a set of 3 x WD 3TB Red drives. See how I get on with it!