Newbie-Question: How to start with linuxserver/cops, docker and AWS Elastic Beanstalk


I’m new to docker. Please be patient with me.

I already managed to install COPS on a amazon aws server one year ago and it’s running fine. I would like now move to docker.
I have played around with docker on windows.

Now, if I want to install linuxserver/cops on aws beanstalk - how to go on?

I have studied a lot of docu, but my basic understand is not enough to understand the given examples.

When I try to “Create New Application” on Elastic Beanstalk, I have to upload my code using a ZIP-file.

What is my “code”? What are the minimum requirements for my code? Do I need the following four things?

(2) Dockerfile
(3) cron.yaml
(4) “application”

But whats is my “application”? Is it a docker image? in which form?
Dockerfile from
Where is place to be for the docker-create-command from

Maybe it is enough, to start just with one single Is there an example anywhere suitable for this use case?

with best regards,

Sorry Irv, got no experience with AWS/Beanstalk. but if you’ve got access to the terminal on AWS, you could just pull the image from DockerHub surely?

Don’t use Beanstalk now.

I was now able, to install docker on my AWS-machine and run the image.

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