Nginx as reverse proxy

Hi there, could you please advice me on and how I can use the nginx distro as reverse-proxy ?
Whenever I search for that concerning linuxserver I find something in direction of letsencrypt or swag? Isnt it possible to have first nginx without ssl , I just need it for a local webserber on same host.

Swag is meant to be used with ssl certs and won’t start nginx without them.

For a local webserver with no ssl, you can use our nginx image. All the necessary confs are in the config folder, which you’ll have to edit yourself. You can look at the confs in swag for examples of reverse proxy

Thx for the answer. I will have a look at it

Sorry to bother here but should not this simple nginx.conf work ?

server {
listen 80;

location / {



sure, use our vanilla nginx image (or any other) and you can setup nginx however you want