OPENVPN-AS for armhf

Just wondering if there was plans to make an armhf version of openvpn-as? is there a technical limitation that prevents it from running on arm?


We would if we could but no arm packages are provided.

Hmm interesting.

So how does this work then?

That’s based on openvpn (open source/no webui), not OpenVPN Access Server (commercial/web ui)

Make sense.
Would it be worth making a non web ui version of for arm? I mean the web ui is really nice to have but I’d rather have something than nothing.

If we ended up making one, we would do for all archs. Not saying we won’t make one but doing it at this time is pushing it for us. Only because we have a backlog of containers to migrate to our new build process.

Atleast it’s been requested and we can review this forum when we are able to do this.

Excellent thanks for looking at it!