Please recommend a safe host for newbie (beginner)

Hey there,

I am quite new to hosting (via Linux),
only hosted some websites before by cpanel /WordPress.

So, to me one thing is most important:


I look also at costs, but security is the main point.

So, I set up a new ec2 instance at aws, and configured all by default.

I had an Apache server and mariadb installed.

However, when it comes to security, I am on my own.

I dont really know about
A) Linux configurations, that are crucial, and
B) ec2 instance configurations

As I need writing permissions right now, everything is quite ‘shields down’.

I have read a little bit about writing permissions etc, and made some experience with security keys, but that’s just a beginner level.

To make it short:
Can you recommend me any host, that will do that crucial part for me?

Or is aws good, and I must hire someone (or at aws) for it?

I would like to have it all host based, I mean, anyone who has to deal with my server, must be an official employee there.

Thanks, olivers