[Request] Taiga - Project Management

Taiga has been a nightmare to get running through unraid, then i discover its a 2 year old version & i can’t for the life of me get a newer version working. This is some fantastic software & i only wish they had competent docker support like linuxserver.

A snippet of my config that worked on unraid:
/config (/media & a couple of settings files, at least for benhutchins docker)
port 80:8123
TAIGA_HOST taiga.example.com
POSTGRES_DB database

Hopefully others are interested too, as i was kind of shocked to see it wasn’t already in the linuxserver collection. I went from Trello to Favro to Taiga & really like it. Self hosted & just what i was after.

Should have named this “Taiga - Trello / Favro Alternative” :frowning:
I’m feeling like Taiga doesn’t get much attention

I second this request !

They are a professionally supported product that maintains their own Docker images https://hub.docker.com/u/dockertaiga

Us mashing this whole stack in a single docker container makes no sense.

:frowning_face: I’m mainly coming from an UnRAID perspective. I’ve just had a lot of trouble setting up any other Taiga containers, including those ones (probably pretty obvious for more experienced people). & its always a hassle making sure all the environment variables are correct (small detail) when linuxserver releases on UnRAID are always a piece of cake to install & largely preconfigured. When i finally got a copy of Taiga working i had to hack up the latest version into another older release with mapped root shares & multiple settings files, but now my container uses a min of 10% cpu constantly. as well as having to copy out several settings files to copy in any newer versions, then copy the settings back every time. absolute PITA.
When i get some time i might try & start fresh again from the dockertaiga image, but i have little hope, as i’ve previously spent days trying to get an up-to-date copy working :frowning:

I think you would be best focusing your effort on providing feedback to their team, they have paid engineers that should be working on stuff like publicly available documentation and automation improvements to their image library.