Transmission Container on Synology - resets its state upon container restarts

Hi, nice to be part of this community :slight_smile:

I’m having an issue from day 1 using the Transmission container
The issue being the fact that upon every container restart the container ‘forgets’ the progress it made on downloading the torrents and presents with an error saying “No Data found, ensure your drives are connected or use set location…”

i’ve mounted the following -

transmission/watch —> /watch
transmission/config --> /config
transmission/downloads --> /downloads

Any help or direction would be appreciated


Could you post your docker run or create command for us please? :slight_smile:

Sure thing - I use Synology container package for running docker, I’ve attached the JSON file contents

Looking at this, it might be better if you can supply screenshots - easier to make sense of what you are doing. Though no one within the team uses a synology device for docker so we will try out best to help.

Here you go

When you log up the container, does the /config folder get populated with files at all?

Seems so, yes :slight_smile: