Understanding the working behind docker

I’m asking here because I’ve seen similar programs ported, mainly tvheadend.

I want to create a docker container for dvbsnoop. However I’m wondering if the drivers for the dvb tuner passthrough need to be present on the host system, OR can the docker contain its own drivers to bed used for the card.

Let’s just say there is a need to use 2 different driver sets. I need the docker to be distinctly different, so dvbsnoop works. Because at the moment with current driver’s on the host, it does not.

Example docker contains opensource drivers rather than proprietary

I know this might be a stupid question

The drivers need to be installed on the host not in the container.

Thanks for your response.

My problem is that the drivers installed on the host do not have the full functionality. Was hoping maybe the docker version of drivers could read the card instead.

There are no drivers installed in the container, just the host.

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