3 containers aren't starting with same error

The syncthing, ddclient, and ubooquity containers all fail to start with the following error in the logs.
execlineb: fatal: unable to exec /bin/importas: I/O error

I’ve deleted the containers and checked delete image on all three. Then re added and same thing. I have other linuxserver containers working fine.

I’m about to just delete the docker image and re do everything but wanted to see if this is something known? Using unraid btw.

Also, there’s no ddclient tag in the tag list.

That sounds like either your docker.img has corrupted or the device you’re using for appdata is failing.

I did a btrfs scrub and it did find and fix some errors.

I’ll redo the docker.img.

What do you mean with no ddclient tag in the tag list?

When I made this post, I added syncthing and ubooquity to it’s tags. ddclient wasn’t there to add.

I didn’t know we had those tags. Just got told :slightly_smiling_face:

Fixed it.

I went thru all my stopped containers and started them. There were a few more that had the same error. Removed all the containers that had the error and re added from the templates.

I’m guessing the stopped ones that had the error as well share the same base image and once I removed ALL affected it finally got rid of the corrupt base image.

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