"413 request entity too large" Nextcloud

Hello all,

New to the forum, Unraid and all the fun that comes with!

I have spent alot of time looking through posts online to try and help solve my issue “413 request entity too large” I’ve tried a few fixes and am still struggling… My skills are very limited so i need very basic instructions to help me make changes.

I have set up my unraid on a seperate server and have since installed Plex and Nextcloud with help from Spaceinvaderone videos.

Im using the linux docker and MariaDB for nextcloud and Swag as my reverse proxy.

Fixes so far…

I changed text in “/etc/php82# nano php.ini” using a video online from Filamore and this has resulted in my nextcloud showing the following:

Memory limit: 4GB

Max execution time: 3600

Upload max size: 16GB

I have changed “Max_client_body 0;” to “Max_client_body 10240M;” in /mnt/user/appdata/swag/nginx/proxy-confs/nextcloud.subdomain.conf

any help would be greatly appreciated