Abc-user member of several groups (IDs) in the container


I’m looking for a way to assign multiple group ids (PGID) to my defined user id (PUID).
As I understood it correctly, there is a script that alters the id of the abc-user and the id of the abc-group that the user is member of.
However I need to be able to make the user member of several group-ids, as those group-ids give the user the necessary rights on folders on the docker-host.

If this is not possible for the moment, can I put somewhere a request to alter that script to support multiple PGIDs ?


This is something that’s not possible as you can’t have multiple GID’s owning a single file.

Your best bet is to setup 1 GID all your containers use then have your users in that GID aswell.

Thx for your answer, but I wasn’t clear enough from my side.
I know you can only assign 1 GID to a file, and that’s ok, but what I finally need is to have the abc-user member of several groups (IDs) in the container.
For example PGID=1001;1002;1003
The first one 1001 would be used as GID, but the others 1002 1003 would then be extra groups the abc-user is member of.
By this I can decide in detail what the user abc has rights to…
Or have an extra variable besides PGID by which I can define the extra group memberships of the abc-user.

I’m pretty sure we’ve reviewed this as a team before but I can’t remember the reasoning why we didn’t want to go with this.

You’re more than welcome to open an request/pr for it on our base images and we can continue discussion there:

Ok, thx for this!
I’m not really familiar with git and how to open a request/pr for my issue.
Any guidelines?
I think the file in question that actually does the work is:

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