About 7.5-8 hours after latest Plex update, Plex just started soaking up CPU doing nothing

I have a cron job that runs at 4:00 PM every day and basically just pulls the latest docker compose images and runs docker-compose up -d to update the containers.

Around 11:30 PM, my Synology NAS fan starting spinning up, which is odd, as it basically never does unless it’s transcoding (and I normally Direct Play everything in both Jellyfin and Plex, so I’ve only ever seen it transcode when I deliberately use the web client just to check and see if hardware transcoding is working).

I logged into my NAS and checked the Docker GUI as it tells you the CPU and RAM utilization, and I saw huge usage from the Plex container, ranging from 50% to 95% or so. My Plex server is set on Make my CPU Hurt in terms of transcoding, so I logged into Plex and checked the Dashboard on my server. The dashboard showed that nothing is playing, but it was using like 90%+ CPU on the little graphs. I know Plex updated today, as I got an e-mail letting me know the container restarted unexpectedly at 4:00 PM.

My Plex scheduled tasks are scheduled to run at 2:00 AM, so I don’t think it’s those. I tried poking around the logs a little bit to see if it was maybe “doing” something, but nothing really jumped out at me.

Has anyone encountered an issue like this? I’ve pretty much switched over to Jellyfin at this point, but I want to keep Plex up for comparison purposes.

I had to SSH into the NAS and shutdown the Plex container to make the fan stop spinning so I could go to sleep.

Can it be the newly added option of detect end credits. Plex needs to analyse all your media again.

I’m not sure, but the following morning I turned the container back on, just because I figured if it was “doing something” that it could do that while I was working out and getting a shower etc., and I haven’t really heard a peep out of it since after a few days, so that seems as good an explanation as any.

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