Add other Nextcloud environment variables

Hi !

First of all, thanks for your work ! I started learning about Docker a few months ago and your group came up quickly as a great place to learn :smiley:

I am thinking about switching to your Nextcloud container instead of using the original one (because you allow PUID and PGID environment variables while the original image fails if I try user: ${PUID}:${PGID}), but it would be very convenient if I could copy-paste the environment variables.

Would you please allow them to be used in your container ? Then I wouldn’t need to modify the config.php each time, but instead change what I need in the docker-compose .env file and be done with it.
For example if I want to change my domain name in 2 years, I would prefer to only change it in one place instead of going through each container and see why it’s not running.

It would also allow to have Nextcloud all ready to use when run.
For example, with these variables I am directly taken to the welcome screen and can upload files without touching at config.php.

 - MYSQL_HOST=nextcloud-db
 - MYSQL_DATABASE=nextcloud
 - MYSQL_USER=nextcloud
 - REDIS_HOST=nextcloud-redis

What do you think ?

Those vars require editing nextcloud’s config.php. The official image can afford to mess with them, because their docker dev team can work closely and coordinate with their app dev team on changes from version to version.

We can’t afford to mess with config.php because upstream changes can and will break our scripts that edit those.

Since all those settings are only done on first run, and most of those are done through the wizard, it’s not worth the risk for us to create vars for them.

Too bad, it was worth a try :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for the quick reply, and for your work on all those awesome containers :smiley:

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