Addiing custom EPG grabber to TVHeadEnd

I’m very new to Docker, so this may well be a Docker question more than one for the image.

I need to add a customer EPG grabber to TVHeadEnd. I downloaded and added it to the correct directory (/usr/bin) and then setup the channels. All worked well. I then restarted the container, and the grabber has been removed. So I assume Docker put it back to a clean state.

The problem I’ve got is that TVHeadEnd only looks in /usr/bin for the grabbers, so I can’t place my grabber in the /config directory for auto discovery.

Do I edit /config/epggrab/config and manually put an entry for my grabber, and place it in a directory somewhere under /config? Will it persist?


Mount the file into the container -v /path/to/epggrabber:/usr/bin/epgrabber

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Ahhhh. Thank you! I’ll give it a try.

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