Adding Sabnzbd but download file ends up in /config

Hi chaps,

I am trying to create a Sabnzbd docker instance on my Synology, and seem to be doing everything right, but not getting the result I am hoping for.

It’s through a UI, so no commands, but, I set TZ, PUID, PGID etc…
The issue are my mounts.

On my Synology, I have a folder for downloads in the root of my user folder.
In it, I have downloads/complete, downloads/incomplete

When I setup my docker, I assign these folders:
/config = /docker/configs/sabnzbd
/downloads = /downloads/complete
/incomplete-downloads = /downloads/incomplete

All seems good. start up sabnzb…

But I notice that a folder is create in my config folder. i,e /docker/configs/sabnzbd/Downloads

And sabnzbd is putting my files in there. I want them to go to my general download folder.

It seems it’s ignoring the paths that I supply for my mounts. Is there a way to get it to use my download file which is not within my /docker/config path?

Set the downloads path in sab gui to /downloads

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Thanks for that! That makes sense. Trying that.

Edit: That fixed it! Thanks @aptalca

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