Alternative webui for qbittorrent

Hello guys,

First of all thanks for the great work and efforts!! It is really nice to get pretty much all the important software embedded in docker packages ;). Super useful.
I am having a problem though, which maybe is easy to solve.
Everything is working perfectly with the exception of the alternative webui. I mean, I like the interface, but is too light and I prefer a dark environment, so I am trying to use the alternative webui:

I don’t know why, but I am not able to make it work, I am following all the steps, but I am not sure if I am putting in the correct folder (I tried in a lot of locations, but I am not able to find one that works).
Could you please help me with that?


Can anyone help, please?

can you provide some info? host os? docker run/compose you’re using? how did you try to make this work? error logs? ANYTHING? :slight_smile:

I solved it!!
Just copying the theme folder into config and then just configuring:
(In my case I did form the UI), not need to mess up with the qBittorrent.conf
I was just wondering if it is possible to do it as environment variables… (I tried, but couldn’t).

Thanks anyway!!

NP glad you got it solved!

Is is possible to add the alternative webui in the environment variables instead doing it in the configuration afterwards??

No, not currently supported

Nice to know, thank you!!
There are any chances to have it?

You can always submit a pull request on github to add support and the team will review and possibly accept your pull request.