Am I experiencing volume issues?

Hi everyone,
Sorry I’m new to this site, so excuse my formatting, I am also new to docker, so sorry if I am missing something very obvious here.

I am trying to password protect my Transmission web interface, but despite what I add to my YML file it doesn’t get enabled.
From doing different tests, I have narrowed it down to an issue with my settings.json file which is set to:
“rpc-authentication-required”: false,

I tried setting both the setting.json files on my host and container to true, but whenever I restart the container, both reverts back to false.
Additionally completed torrents are not in my /home/wily/downloads directory (host) but I can see it in the container fine.
What am I doing wrong?
Here is the YML file:
version: “3”
image: linuxserver/transmission
container_name: transmission
- PUID=1000
- PGID=1000
- TZ=Europe/London
- /home/wily/.config/transmission:/config
- /home/wily/still_downloading:/downloads
- /home/wily/downloads:/completed
- “9091:9091/tcp”
- “51413:51413/tcp”
- “51413:51413/udp”
restart: unless-stopped

Thank you!

The readme tells you which vars to set for user/pass

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Quick update, I found the fix for the password, I feel silly as it was on the home page lol.
Will continue to see what’s the issue with the files not showing up in my host directory :slight_smile:

Thank you, just found it :slight_smile: Are you able to explain why my files are not showing up on the host computer?

nevermind, it was me not putting the correct paths, I was tired last night when trying to fix the issue :).
all fixed now

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