Annoying info pop up by docker in Libreelec - Docker Action kill - about every 2 minutes

Hi, I’m running LibreElec 10 on a raspi 4b and installed the linuxserver repo to add some docker containers. Right now I have installed Portainer, WebGrabPlus and TVHeadend. Each of em is constantly fireing an info pop up message to kodi gui saying Docker: Action kill every now and then.
How can I get rid of these?

Here are the logs:
docker logs webgrabplus
docker logs portainer (deleted due to post limit)
docker logs tvheadend (deleted due to post limit)

docker logs portainer
docker logs tvheadend

----added by driz from another post----
Hi aptalca,
as I still can’t post the links to your requested journalctl log as a reply I do it here.
I always get a “Sorry you cannot post a link to that host” message. Looks like pastebin is a red flag here.
Please move/attach them manually to the original topic 3301.

So here are the IDs of the logs:
The ID of the log for portainer: eeQq72yP
And here you can find the log for webgrabplus: vKPHaa9E
The log for tvheadend can be found via ID Y3bC5AvA on that site.

I hope this helps to find a solution.

Please post them on pastebin. Also get the journalctl logs for the services
journalctl -u docker.linuxserver.webgrabplus