Any interest in FreeCAD-appimage/kasmVNC based on Orcaslicer image? I got you!

Hey there:

I hacked together a new Docker image based on the OrcaSlicer image for the FreeCAD application. It mostly works (does not show the window controls on the main window). Since this was shamelessly stolen from you guys, I’d be more than happy to hand this back to you. Let me know.

The maintainers handle is ‘thelamer’.


freecad and kicad are on my short list

When I get back home from work, let me get you my files. Its pretty much a copy/paste of your work on OrcaSlicer. Regarding KiCad, I have not used that at all but would be willing to give it a go - I am very new to this KasmVNC stuff and it still seems like sorcery.

I pushed up the code here:

triphoppingman/FreeCAD-docker: A copy of the linuxserver-orcaslicer codebase. (

I have a bunch of other ones to push as well but this should be live within the week:

I just use the bookworm repos, if they get too out of sync the appimage can be used in the future.

testing it right now. everything seems to work fine so far.