Any word on an update to Unifi Controller? Current version has a bug in guest AP settings


The current version of the Unifi controller in the LSIO release has a bug in that you cannot access the advanced settings for any guest AP. This was reported as fixed in controller ver 6.5, which was released > 8 months ago.

Is there any news on an update to the LSIO container?

Our updates are based on when Ubiquiti pushes out a “stable” (according to them) release to the repo. We do not build against beta/rc/alphas. If they release a stable, it will be automatically built.

Infact the current version of the unifi controller is on 7.x Release 7.1.68-ls158 · linuxserver/docker-unifi-controller · GitHub

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That’s strange my container hasn’t updated then. Thanks I’ll look into this further.

Are you using portainer?

No, I use docker compose. I manually did a docker pull and got the new image. Previously running docker-compose up would fetch any updated images. Thanks for your help.

gotcha, i just asked because portainer causes issues like this sometimes (where it doesnt actually pull anything)

as a note, compose up never does a pull, it’s always been required that you pull first to get the new image. glad you got it sorted. As a side note, update instructions are in every container’s readme.