Apple Mac PLEX Docker Setup

I am new on my journey to dockerize things

I started with plex just to get it setup, hoping it was as simple as a command… never is now is it.

When I try using host network I cant find the WebUI(inform me if you will) so I changed to bridge, after much experiments I got the web UI up and running and with an external volume mounted to the docker container

When its added as a library it seems to be scanning the media as in detecting the folders etc but when I go to the library it just says something went wrong. I have tried to to changes permissions on the directory and even changed ownership in the docker container and it seems to cause it to scan but never makes it accessible in the UI.

I would appreciate any guide that is mac specific for known issues or steps to follow or if anyone has the solution after experiencing this.

Currently my command is as follows

sudo docker stop echo-plex
sudo docker rm echo-plex
sudo docker run -d \
  --name=echo-plex \
  -e PUID=1000 \
  -e PGID=1000 \
  -e TZ="Africa/Johannesburg" \
  -e VERSION=docker \
  -p 32400:32400/tcp \
  -p 3005:3005/tcp \
  -p 8324:8324/tcp \
  -p 32469:32469/tcp \
  -p 1900:1900/udp \
  -p 32410:32410/udp \
  -p 32412:32412/udp \
  -p 32413:32413/udp \
  -p 32414:32414/udp \
  -v /Volumes/Spark:/mnt/Spark \
  -v ~Documents/media_automation/plex/config:/config \
  --restart unless-stopped \

So this is just an update to this ticket,

After much testing and I leave this comment here for others that might experience similar issues

I tested both and APFS formatted external and HFS+ formatted External drive and the plex server manages to scan it but then it would appear the db becomes corrupt and things go south

I formatted another external to the ExFAT format and then it mapped without issue. I am going to be doing a longer running test on this one. Whats interesting is that the internal OS drive which is APFS works without issue if the media is stored in a folder on the OS drive.

So, macOS isn’t great for containers, As you’re experiencing the limitations of it.
Docker Desktop for macOS basically runs in a mini VM. This comes with limitations just as host networking not an option and why you’re having issues with external drives.

We don’t test/support/recommend macOS for deployment of our containers.