Arisonic-Advanced Repo seems stale?

Hi all,

it seems the actual repo for airsonic-advanced (GitHub - airsonic-advanced/airsonic-advanced) is stale (no releases since 2020).

Can we move the airosnic-advanced container to another fork?
Seems kagemomiji’s fork is more up-to-date (GitHub - kagemomiji/airsonic-advanced: airsonic-advanced)

Thanks in advance & happy greetings.

It’s the official container and has had updates this year, you might need to do more convincing than saying they havent cut a release in a bit, this isn’t abnormal. If a particular fork has resolved some critical bugs (why didnt they PR to upstream?) or security issues, that could make for a convincing argument

Don’t get me wrong, please.
It was just a friendly request.
You are right, I am not watching it as close as maybe you do.
Was just wondering, that there hadn’t been a release since 2 years, but Edge releases.

If everything is ok … well I am fine with it.

it’d honestly be a better question for the upstream

i was actually asking you :stuck_out_tongue: i thought perhaps you had more insight aside from their release schedule… it could be as simple as the stuff they are committing to master needs to hit a certain point before they cut a release, i dont track their release guidelines.

my point was simply that a release is not necessarily an indicator of a stale repo, but if you have some specific reasons like i mentioned above with critical bug fixes or security patches that a fork does and the official does not, i think that is good information that could convince us to make a change

Well I am not that deep in the projects.
But I see the closed issues on the official repo is very less compared (this year they solved 3 minor issues) to the ones by kagemomijis.
Also kagemomijis fork has already a lot of closed Bugs (Configuration issues, OutOfMemory fixes, etc.)

In the official project I see some Pull-Requests that are quite old, but not rejected or something and additionally no “Milestones” for next version are existing.
All these things are more maintained on the kagemomijis fork.
And as I see in Pull-Request history of the official github, kagemomiji was already a contributer with Pull-Requests.

Additionally the official maintianer seems not to answer in issue discussions anymore.
For example here:

That all drives my feeling that this official fork is abandoned.

Additionally on reddit I found a thread where someone called “randomnicode” claims to be the airsonic-advanced maintainer. (Threadname: airsonic_vs_airsonicadvanced)
This account name is also active on github official airsonic-advanced, but as github history show he wasnt active since april with anything public (Github: randomnicode).
But back in 2020 till 2022 he was lot more active

Ill notify the maintainer of our container to this post and get their input

I found a note from randomnicode (last answer in february) in a discussion what actually happened to airsonic-advanced:

Pull Request 931:
Rebase docker image to supported jdk/jre #931

His statement:

let’s put out a stable release and then move to this version

Not sure what that really means.
But with “…this version…” it seems he took the reference to kagemomijis repo (?)

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