Artwork Beef integration with Kodi-Headless

I would like to see ArtworkBeef added to the Kodi-Headless image. This could provide an all inclusive function for centralized database management. If there are ways to implement this already that I am not aware of then maybe some documentation on the process is in order.

Thank you for all your support and quality builds. Recently moved my server software stack to docker and almost use LS exclusively! Thank you Thank you Thank you!

I have hammered at this for a while and found a pretty hacky work around for the time being.

i copied all of the “config/.kodi/addon” contents to a folder

then I mapped a volume to “/config/.kodi/addons” to that new version of “addons”

i then copied the dependencies and artwork beef addon folders to this new addons folder listed below

moving to the webgui i used the “lab” and api actions to enable each of these dependencies and then finally artwork beef. (its a good idea to watch a debug log as you do this process.)

once i enabled each addon and artwork beef, i copied the settings.xml from a working / completly setup instance on a different machine to the “addon_data/script.artwork.beef”. (Keep in mind there is no way to display progress or notifications so be sure to turn these off when you set up artwork beef)

then i restarted the container to ensure everything loaded up while looking at the debug logs.

crossing my fingers, i docker-compose down headless-kodi then docker-compose up -d headless-kodi and then loaded up my debug logs again. everything loaded up!!

last test. i forced a tv show to download and to be scanned into the library. artwork beef is configured to run after a library update so i waited. finally saw some activity and for now, it works.

i can imagine this will break on major version updates since i have no way to update the addons.

Hope this helps someone out!!

Please open an issue on the kodi-headless github. I’m not sure if the maintainer of that project, sparklyballs, is monitoring this forum