Asus Router, Google Domains, Let's Encrypt and SWAG

Hey everyone, I had read in the docs that SWAG/Certbot docker didn’t work well (or at all) with Google Domains but that seems to be for the dns method. The HTTP seems to work fine.

I registered a domain on google, setup DDNS via my Asus Router, spun up a swag docker on my unraid and off I went. I have a more detailed message with all the steps I took to get it working but it seems because I’m a noob on these forums, I can’t post it as there are lots of pictures. After I get a few posts up, I think I’ll be able too.


Http validation works regardless of dns provider. Dns validation depends on whether certbot supports it or has a plugin for it. The Google dns plugin for certbot is for the paid enterprise solution (Google cloud dns), not the free Google domains product.

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Ah ok that makes sense. It wasn’t exactly clear in the documentation that http will work regardless of dns. Mind you I’m not well versed in this particular area so could be I just overlooked common knowledge. :upside_down_face: