Authelia docker-compose tags

I am wanting to deploy Authelia as part of my SWAG setup but am a little confused about what to include in docker-compose for Authelia.

I have visited your web page: Setting Up Authelia With SWAG . I have also checked Authelia’s “Lite” docker-compose example on GitHub. And, I have googled for user examples, too.

My first query relates to “user”. In your example, you use the user flag: user: "1000:1000".

  • I presume this equates to PUID:PGID and should be replaced by my values for this?
  • Authelia don’t use this flag in their example - is it necessary?

My second query is with ports. In some examples of docker-compose files I’ve viewed, the ports were declared:

      - 9091:9091

Whereas, with Authelia’s “Lite” docker-compose example, they expose the port:

      - 9091

And, in your example, you don’t declare or expose the ports. I’m unsure which option would best suit me. For reference, I am setting this up on a QNAP device, using docker-compose rather than Container Station.


If you don’t, it runs as root

If you follow our guide and SWAG accesses Authelia via the docker network, you don’t need to map any ports on the host

Brilliant! Thanks for getting back to me and for your on-point answers.

I had a suspicion matters were as confirmed by your answers. But, being a complete n00b, I’m adopting a “measure thrice, cut once” policy to creating my setup.

For this and all the other amazing work you do, my heartfelt gratitude.

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