Beets front end broken?

Good day,

I’ve spun up a container of linuxseverr/beets from but the frontend seems to be inactive or broken? Screenshot attached. There isn’t any extra info on the dockerhub page, compose for the beets container below. If it matters I am using a .env with most of the local folder locations and PGID and PUID pulled from there.
container_name: beets
PGID: ‘1002’
PUID: ‘1000’
TZ: Europe/London
image: linuxserver/beets
media: null
- 8337:8337/tcp
restart: unless-stopped
- /mnt/0/apps/beets:/config:rw
- /mnt/0/downloads/blackhole/beets:/downloads:rw
- /mnt/0/media/Music:/music:rw

Nope. From my experience of using the beets ui, it’s only good for querying the database but doesn’t show anything by default.