Blank Guacamole Screen with Docker Calibre


I’m getting a blank screen on Guacamole when running it for the first time post-install. I’ve tried Edge and Chrome, the latter with the no extensions tag. If I right-click on the Guacamole desktop I see Calibre GUI, but clicking that doesn’t show anything. At one try I was sure I saw a selection to choose a different desktop, but I can’t find that option again.

My compose/run command is:

docker run -d --name=calibre \
-p 7080:8080 \
-p 7081:8081 \
-e PUID=1026 \
-e PGID=100 \
-e TZ=Europe/Bucharest \
-v /volume1/docker/calibre:/config \
--restart always \
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Log is here - Untitled - Pastebin

I’ve deleted the container and re-installed a few times with no change. Any help much appreciated.


A little further info is that the right-click menu shows xterm. That loads and I’m able to run commands.