Booksonic: error message instance ID (Docker on Synology)

Dear Linux Team

I would very much hope you find time for Xmas.

Here is my hopefully simple question:
I tried to set up a Booksonic docker on my Synology NAS with the following parameter

-p fixed
-e PUID: looked it up - works with calibre
-e PGID: looked it up - works with calibre
==> no variable for CONTEXT_Path
-v config
-v audiobook

I can look in, but I get 3x times an error: Server Error. And 1x Failed to find parameter: instanceID (check server log for more details)

please find enclosed the link to the log from the docker:

I still don’t know what to do and would very much appreciate your advice!

With regards

Please post logs or other snippets on pastebin or alternative and leave a link here.

It’s not a good idea to download files from forums, posted by strangers :wink:

Dear aptalca

Thanks for your reply. Please find enclosed the Server log.