Calibre docker-compose on RPI4 no autostart gui

Hi all,

I’m trying to run Calibre through docker-compose on a Raspberry Pi 4 running Ubuntu. Using the image:

When accessing through IP:PORT I only see a terminal. The autostart of calibre does not seem to work. Starting the gui can be done simply by typing ‘calibre’, after that everything seems to work fine.

Is there a way to auto start calibre?

Tanks in advance.

can you share your compose and docker logs (via pastebin or similar)

it should be autostarting


Thanks for the response.

After some testing this seems to have been an issue with the container and/or configuration. After deleting the entire config folder & using the image: (Calibre version 5.38) the autostart works as expected. This version uses the autostart:

s6-envdir -fn -- /var/run/s6/container_environment /usr/bin/calibre $CLI_ARGS

After some further testing with more recent versions (anything later than Calibre 5.38). All containers seem to have the same problem with Openbox giving the error: “Error launching startup command: Failed to close file descriptor for child process (Operation not permitted)”

Someone already opened an issue GitHub:

This problem seems to occur in other linuxserver docker containers as well (also using the baseimage-rdesktop-web:arch).

I’ll watch the issue on GitHub for a possible solution. Thanks for now.