Calibre (not (Calibre-web) installing docker and how to use https / ssl

container: Linuxserver / calibre (
Running on Synology NAS DSM 6.2.2 - 24922 update 3

dear all
Thanks for reading this - I’m really thankful for your help and please apologize my limited IT knowledge…

I have to goals

  1. make the container run on my machine - till now it doesn’t - please find enclosed
  • overview / Überblick

  • prozess

  • log / protokoll

actually I find the explanation “How to install” the container quite demanding and I had problems to understand what is needed.
I tried to introduce also PUID / PGID as suggested.

  1. goal: I would like to use letsEncrypt for secure access. My domain is secured, but I believe to need to secure the calibre - port as well (or if DSM only allows ssl - connections - I need a certificate INSIDE calibre).

I don’t know how to set this up and actually I would like to have only one certificate on my DSM (so one option is to have a docker with certbot which gets the certificate which is than used within Docker AND by the DSM - right??

Thanks for your help!


Link to the log-file:

Link to overview
As I couldn’t put the overview here - let me know, if you need this information …

If you want to use letsencrypt, we recommend reverse proxying via our letsencrypt image.

Here is a guide:

And there is a preset proxy conf for Calibre

Dear aptalca

Thanks for the quick reply.

What do you want to say by “There is a preset proxy conf for Calibre”?
Where is it - I don’t understand your feedback.

I would be happy, if someone could also please give offer some help in how to set up the container - as its not running till now.


We don’t/can’t provide synology support as none of the team members own synology hardware.

We provide samples for two ways to create containers, via command line and via docker compose. They list all the arguments necessary to create the container. You’ll need to use them on synology either via command line, docker compose or input in synology’s gui (the last part we can’t help you with unless you post what you entered in, perhaps screenshots).

With regards to reverse proxy and preset proxy conf, it’s all explained in the article I linked above