Calibre (Not Colibe-web) and the wireless connection option (Calibre Companion)

Dear LinuxServer Team

I would like to ask for your advise using the calibre-docker:

As far as I understand, the application Calibre offers three different options to sign in:

  • sign in to the web-GUI: as far as I understand this is done thru the internal Container-port 8080 - works fine for me

  • sign in to calibre-web (the content-Server). This is done thru the internal container-port 8081 - works fine for me

  • and there is a third option (calibre calls it wireless connection). This connection can be used with the iOS / Android app “Calibre Companion”. Inside the application calibre it is possible to start this third option from “menu / connections”. In a pop-up it is even possible to define a password and a “fixed port”. (This connection uses the same Calibre-IP-Adress). As the Calibre-Companion offers some nice handling of books it would be nice be able to use this third option.

Till now I failed to set up the container to connect via wireless connection / Calibre Companion. Could you please offer some advise? Please also clarify, if this third option to connect might be included in the container design in future releases by offering a container-port for this connection.

Thanks for your advice.


Have you tried to activate it and set a port and then add a port mapping for that port?

Yup, I just tested what saarg suggested and it works. I set a fixed port 17000, and then added port mapping for that port and recreated the container. In the app, enter the server ip and fixed port. It worked for both wireless connection and content server

Dear saarg
Dear aptalca

I can confirm the connection via “wireless connection” and an additional fixed port (in your example you used 17000) worked just fine.

I would like to suggest to include this (optional) setting in your next docker release.


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