Calibre-Web asks constantly for credentials

I have successfuly managed to run the calibre-web container on a Raspberry Pi 3.
Setup is docker compose with a traefik and calibre-web container. I used Cloudflare Subdomain configuration to redirect the request to the calibre-web container. (TLS secured)

Now i encountering a strage behaviour, actually no idea to solve it.

  1. I log in with a new generated user in calibre-web. Works fine.
  2. First click brings me back to the Login Page, where i can successfully log in again.
  3. No i can use calibre-web to click on an book and for example read it in the browser.
  4. Coming back to calibre-web again i must login in.
  5. Actually, after login i can click anything, immediately redirected to the Login Page.

A little annoying.

What i have done.

  1. Check the calibre-web containter and calibre-web.log, nothing but “You are now logged in as: …”
  2. Check the traefik log - nothing what leads to an glue.
  3. Searched the Web for a similar problem - nothing found.

Now, perhaps anyone have encoutered the same problem an solved it?

I can supply any config/logs which one needed to enclose the issue.

Thanks in advance.

I can not explain how, but now it seems to be better.

I am using cloudflare as dns provider, and managed to switch off their proxy service. After that calibre-web dosen’t log me out anymore.

After all, another question. Is it right, that i only can add users to calibre-web, but no delete is possible?

Your issue was fixed by turning off the cloudflare proxy I suspect.

Yes you can delete users.

Yes, issue issues seems to fixed by cloudflare turn off.

About delete User:

I somehow have manged to disable the click on the specific user. Perhaps in deactivating all rights and wipe the Username. Not really a bug, rather a ‘user failure’. I must overseen the ‘Delete User’ tick.

I plan to fix it, with a fresh setup. So this topic can be closed from my side.

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