Calibre-Web Convert options/icons missing.. no convert seems possible

So the baseline Calibre web seems to be working ok… but even after adding the convert paths (ebooks convert), the tags are still missing…

When I launch it everything seems ok, except during the mod load, I see this at the end (when it adds in the Linux Mod):

2023-05-24 03:01:42.550431+00:00Setting up desktop integration…
2023-05-24 03:01:42.550474+00:002023-05-24T03:01:42.550474634Z
2023-05-24 03:01:42.550489+00:00____________________ WARNING ____________________
2023-05-24 03:01:42.550505+00:00Setting up desktop integration failed with error:
2023-05-24 03:01:42.550519+00:00__________________________________________________
2023-05-24 03:01:42.550549+00:002023-05-24T03:01:42.550549177Z
2023-05-24 03:01:42.550564+00:002023-05-24T03:01:42.550564951Z
2023-05-24 03:01:42.550713+00:00Traceback (most recent call last):
2023-05-24 03:01:42.550773+00:00File “calibre/”, line 858, in setup_desktop_integration
2023-05-24 03:01:42.550792+00:00File “calibre/”, line 880, in do_setup_desktop_integration
2023-05-24 03:01:42.550843+00:00File “calibre/”, line 911, in install_xdg_junk
2023-05-24 03:01:42.550859+00:00File “calibre/”, line 896, in install_icons
2023-05-24 03:01:42.550874+00:00File “calibre/”, line 890, in install_single_icon
2023-05-24 03:01:42.550904+00:00File “”, line 364, in check_call
2023-05-24 03:01:42.550920+00:00File “”, line 345, in call
2023-05-24 03:01:42.550935+00:00File “”, line 966, in init
2023-05-24 03:01:42.550950+00:00File “”, line 1842, in _execute_child
2023-05-24 03:01:42.550978+00:00FileNotFoundError: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: ‘xdg-icon-resource’
2023-05-24 03:01:42.550994+00:002023-05-24T03:01:42.550994986Z
2023-05-24 03:01:42.551009+00:00Creating un-installer: /usr/bin/calibre-uninstall
2023-05-24 03:01:42.551023+00:002023-05-24T03:01:42.551023927Z
2023-05-24 03:01:42.551037+00:002023-05-24T03:01:42.551037757Z
2023-05-24 03:01:42.551051+00:00There were 1 warnings
2023-05-24 03:01:42.551079+00:002023-05-24T03:01:42.551079540Z
2023-05-24 03:01:42.551095+00:00* Setting up desktop integration failed with error:
2023-05-24 03:01:42.551109+00:002023-05-24T03:01:42.551109447Z
2023-05-24 03:01:42.670038+00:00[custom-init] No custom files found, skipping…
2023-05-24 03:01:45.718839+00:00[] done.

I have tried just about everything… I Don’t see any errors or failures in the regular logs, but the convert options are simply not present for any files).

Also is there a way to have multiple conversion choices… like convert to EPUB, AWZ, and MOBI (when those don’t currently exist)?