Calibre-Web redirect to http after login

Setup is:

  1. Raspberry Pi with Docker
  2. Traefik latest 2.x Version and Calibre-Web Container

I can access the Login-Page with https. After type in the credencial a “ERR_ADDRESS_UNREACHABLE” occurs because it redircts me to the http site, which is not accesible because Port 80 will not be forwarded. (disabled on the router after setting up lets encrypt) After typing the https adress again, i am logged in.

I guess it must have something to do with the http headers? I am a Starter in using Traefik, so found something about ‘pass header’, but it seem to be already enabled.

Have anyone this setup already working and can spare a docker-compose config?

Btw. if i try to change the Reverse Proxy setting in the basic configuration, it won’t accept any setting.
(After visiting the config page again, the settings are not saved.)


we don’t support traefik here, you can ask the traefik people for help or check out our supported reverse proxy