Cannot copy/paste in webtop image

I am testing out the docker-webtop image with ubuntu-xfce tag.
The one functionality that I’m trying to get working is the copy/paste functionality without actually using the clipboard panel.

If I copy text from my host machine and want to paste it in a text editor, it does not work. I am using Google Chrome as the browser. Is there any additional settings that I need to enable to be able to use the Clipboard Seamless (already enabled in Settings).

pull out the kasm sidebar, click clipboard, paste to clipboard, paste inside webtop

I was under the impression that I could directly copy paste from host to browser without the use of the clipboard. Is that not the case?
If not, what’s the functionality of Clipboard Seamless?

Seamless clipboard only works for me on chrome when I use the following connections.

  • an http connection to localhost via an SSH tunnel (with putty)
  • an https connection to the hostname.

When I use an http connection to the hostname directly, the seamless clipboard does not work. I guess it has tp do with security, but not sure.

This is a limitation in chrome, unless it is localhost it has to be an https context. Otherwise you can use the clipboard box in the sidebar.

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