Cannot paste into code-server terminal (firefox)

I’m not able to paste into the terminal of code-server when using Firefox (both on Fedora and Windows). It works correctly on Chrome/Chromium. I thought it might be a security feature built into Firefox but wasn’t able to find anything. I’m able to paste into the text editor portion of code-server. Could anyone else confirm they have the same issue, or know anything I should try.


Did you try ctrl+shift+v ?

This works in Chrome. In firefox it gives an error “navigator.clipboard.readText is not a function” which led me to this I’ll do some more digging, but it’s making it sound like there is a permission or self imposed limitation in firefox. Thank you for the keyboard shortcut to get me to that error.

I just remembered that in chrome, site settings, I allowed clipboard access. Not sure what the equivalent is on firefox