Can't change PUID and PGID for calibre-web container

I’m pretty sure the container was working as expected for a little while, and then it stopped working. I started getting an error that calibre-web was unable to make changes to a read-only database. To make a somewhat long story much shorter, I got it to work again by changing the owner of the entire library, including the configs, to uid and gid 911:911. I found this id pair in the “logs” using docker logs -f calibre-web as recommended. This is or docker compose logs -f in the directory of the compose file is how I would typically do this anyway. So, I double-checked my docker-compose.yml and as far as I can tell, I have the PUID and PGID entered correctly for id pair 33:33. This id pair belongs to www-data on my system. I also noticed that when I restart the container, it changes the ownership of the config directory to 911:911. That’s where I got the idea to change ownership of the whole library. It’s currently working in this state, but I’d like to change the PUID and PGID to 33:33 to be consistent with the rest of my web services.

Log File


I’m happy to provide any information that I may have left out. Also, this is my first post on this forum. I hope I did a good job. :slight_smile: