Can't download the latest Nvidia Unraid 6.8.0.rc9

I’ve tried it twice, it’s taking like 20 minutes each time and failing on the sha 256 verification each time. My traceroute to digitaloceanspaces is fine. Anything else I could be doing or is it likely the issue is with the CDN?

Nothing much we can do, might be worth trying later or tomorrow.

Only time I’ve seen this sort of thing before though it’s been either an issue with DO or something with the client connection like MTU

I’ll try again later. I can’t even uninstall the plugin at this point.

Huh, you can’t go to the plugins tab and uninstall the plugin?

Nah it just hangs at an empty window. I can pull updates for other lsio apps such as sab, or radarr.

Yeah, but they’re pulling from a different endpoint. Dockerhub vs DigitalOcean spaces.

Here’s a script if anyone wants to try downloading manually in the future.


#Set your Unraid version here

#Set the download location here

echo Downloading v$UNRAID_VERSION of the Nvidia build to the $DOWNLOAD_LOCATION folder

#Make target directory

#download files
wget${UNRAID_VERSION}/nvidia/bzimage -O ${DOWNLOAD_LOCATION}/bzimage
wget${UNRAID_VERSION}/nvidia/bzroot -O ${DOWNLOAD_LOCATION}/bzroot
wget${UNRAID_VERSION}/nvidia/bzroot-gui -O ${DOWNLOAD_LOCATION}/bzroot-gui
wget${UNRAID_VERSION}/nvidia/bzfirmware -O ${DOWNLOAD_LOCATION}/bzfirmware
wget${UNRAID_VERSION}/nvidia/bzmodules -O ${DOWNLOAD_LOCATION}/bzmodules

#download sha356 files
wget${UNRAID_VERSION}/nvidia/bzimage.sha256 -O ${DOWNLOAD_LOCATION}/bzimage.sha256
wget${UNRAID_VERSION}/nvidia/bzroot.sha256 -O ${DOWNLOAD_LOCATION}/bzroot.sha256
wget${UNRAID_VERSION}/nvidia/bzroot-gui.sha256 -O ${DOWNLOAD_LOCATION}/bzroot-gui.sha256
wget${UNRAID_VERSION}/nvidia/bzfirmware.sha256 -O ${DOWNLOAD_LOCATION}/bzfirmware.sha256
wget${UNRAID_VERSION}/nvidia/bzmodules.sha256 -O ${DOWNLOAD_LOCATION}/bzmodules.sha256

#check sha256 files
BZIMAGESHA256=$(cat ${DOWNLOAD_LOCATION}/bzimage.sha256 | cut -c1-64)
BZROOTSHA256=$(cat ${DOWNLOAD_LOCATION}/bzroot.sha256 | cut -c1-64)
BZROOTGUISHA256=$(cat ${DOWNLOAD_LOCATION}/bzroot-gui.sha256 | cut -c1-64)
BZFIRMWARESHA256=$(cat ${DOWNLOAD_LOCATION}/bzfirmware.sha256 | cut -c1-64)
BZMODULESSHA256=$(cat ${DOWNLOAD_LOCATION}/bzmodules.sha256 | cut -c1-64)

#calculate sha256 on downloaded files
BZIMAGE=$(sha256sum $DOWNLOAD_LOCATION/bzimage | cut -c1-64)
BZROOT=$(sha256sum $DOWNLOAD_LOCATION/bzroot | cut -c1-64)
BZROOTGUI=$(sha256sum $DOWNLOAD_LOCATION/bzroot-gui | cut -c1-64)
BZFIRMWARE=$(sha256sum $DOWNLOAD_LOCATION/bzfirmware | cut -c1-64)
BZMODULES=$(sha256sum $DOWNLOAD_LOCATION/bzmodules | cut -c1-64)

#Compare expected with actual downloaded files
[[ $BZIMAGESHA256 == $BZIMAGE ]]; echo "bzimage passed sha256 verification"
[[ $BZROOTSHA256 == $BZROOT ]]; echo "bzroot passed sha256 verification"
[[ $BZROOTGUISHA256 == $BZROOTGUI ]]; echo "bzroot-gui passed sha256 verification"
[[ $BZFIRMWARESHA256 == $BZFIRMWARE ]]; echo "bzfirmware passed sha256 verification"
[[ $BZMODULESSHA256 == $BZMODULES ]]; echo "bzmodules passed sha256 verification"