Can't find Transmission "LibreELEC addon"


I have a Raspberry PI 3 that I use to run LibeELEC. In the past, I followed the instructions here to install linuxservers’ Transmission Docker container. I had to reinstall LlibreELEC a while ago, but now, after following the same steps, I’m not able to find the Transmission “addon” in your LibreELEC repo anymore despite it being still present on Dockerhub. Am I missing something?
Thank you for your help,


We have never released the transmission container to the repo bundled with libreleec.

Are you 100% sure? Because I had it installed in LibreELEC no more than two months ago :open_mouth:

I ended up manually writing my docker-compose.yml file and manually installing docker-compose. Maybe this is what I did the first time. Thank you

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