Can't get Nextcloud to work with Caddy v2 as reverse proxy

I’ve got my LinuxServer image of Nextcloud setup, but I can’t seem to get it to work with Caddy v2 as my reverse proxy. I know it’s not a problem with Nextcloud, because it was working with nginx. I’m just getting a white screen when I navigate to my Nextcloud domain.

This is my docker-compose.yml:

    image: linuxserver/nextcloud
    container_name: nextcloud
    hostname: nextcloud
      - PUID=1001
      - PGID=1001
      - TZ=$TZ
      - /opt/docker/config/nextcloud:/config
      - /opt/docker/data/nextcloud:/data
      - 8080:80
      - nextcloud-db
    restart: unless-stopped
    image: linuxserver/mariadb
    container_name: nextcloud-db
      - PUID=1001
      - PGID=1001
      - MYSQL_DATABASE=nextcloud
      - MYSQL_USER=nextcloud
      - TZ=$TZ
      - /opt/docker/config/mariadb:/config
    restart: unless-stopped

Here’s my Caddyfile:

cloud.{$DOMAIN} {
    reverse_proxy nextcloud:443 {
        transport http {

Here’s a seemingly relevant line I get in my Caddy log:

{"level":"error","ts":1589820896.1618576,"logger":"http.log.error","msg":"tls: first record does not look like a TLS handshake","request":{"method":"GET","uri":"/status.php","proto":"HTTP/1.1","remote_addr":"","host":"","headers":{"User-Agent":["Mozilla/5.0 (Linux) mirall/2.6.4git (Nextcloud)"],"Accept":["*/*"],"X-Request-Id":["f4842097-4648-499e-a7dc-3ee08298abec"],"Connection":["Keep-Alive"],"Accept-Encoding":["gzip, deflate"],"Accept-Language":["en-US,*"]},"tls":{"resumed":false,"version":772,"ciphersuite":4865,"proto":"","proto_mutual":true,"server_name":""}},"duration":0.001318633,"status":502,"err_id":"1dq4z2f2v","err_trace":"reverseproxy.(*Handler).ServeHTTP (reverseproxy.go:380)"}

I also have this link from my discussion on the Caddy forum:

None of us use caddy, so you should ask caddy for support.

I did and they told me to ask you. I also asked on the Nextcloud forum but got no response.

We can’t help you with configuring caddy and if it’s working to reverse proxy using nginx, you have an issue with your configuration for caddy.

Only thing I see is that you have map port 80 to 8080 on the host, but our container doesn’t default to http, but https on port 443. In caddy you have port 443.

How are the letsencrypt nginx container and and the Nextcloud container both supposed to run on port 443?

The way it’s explained in our starter guide: