Change and persist the default password in kubernetes

I’ve deployed it to rdesktop to kubernetes and would like to change the default password to something other than abc.

If i use the passwd method and restart my pod i’m back to the old password as it doesn’t persist.

You’re going to need to add some detail here… i guess to start though, we do not support or test our containers on kubernetes.

I am assuming you are saying you’re running our rdesktop container, but the readme very clearly specified how to change the password for abc.
linuxserver/docker-rdesktop (
If I am misunderstanding what you are asking, please feel free to clarify.

I’ve managed to find a way to do it but it’s not particularly nice. Add this to the pod definition:

          command: ["/bin/sh", "-c", "echo \"abc:YourNewPassword\" | chpasswd"]

The password should still stick on restart. The issue you’ll have is it will reset when you do an image update. The webtop/rdesktops aren’t supposed to be updated when need images are released (I believe this is mentioned in the readme)

Depends on your definition of restart.

If kubernetes terminates the pod (something it likes to do a lot), it does not stick as the user passwords are not mapped to persistent storage. The password either needs to be specified in the way i have or to be part of the dockerfile.

My definition of restart is restarting the existing container, not rebuilding it. It sounds like kubernetes is doing a fresh pull/upgrade on each restart. We state in the readme that you shouldn’t do this as it resets the container.

Unlike our other containers these Desktops are not designed to be upgraded by Docker, you will keep your home directoy but anything you installed system level will be lost if you upgrade an existing container. To keep packages up to date instead use Ubuntu's own apt, Alpine's apk, Fedora's dnf, or Arch's pacman program```