Changing 'abc' container user


I understand why the ‘abc’ user has been brought in play, but is there an easy way to change the name of this user?

Usecase: I’m providing persistent storage to docker containers using nfsv4, and i’m using idmap. I create those users on the OS level that the container starts with, but I hadn’t thought that the user actually translates through from the container. As such, my user ‘abc’ has no write rights on the volumes associated with the container, as idmap doesn’t recognize ‘abc’ and thus can’t map it to anything on my NFS server.

No. The only dynamic setup we have for the user is the PGID/PUID variables, which you should be using for exactly this reason.

Yeah, but that doesn’t work if you’re using idmap, unfortunately. Which is done for ease of use so that I don’t have to go sync the uid/gid’s everywhere (too many nfs clients with too many divergent setups not in my control)

Answer would be the same. Using NFS for configuration storage is not something we test, or offer support for.

Something I would actively discourage actually - having done something similar in my docker infancy and suffering as a result.

Do you mean trying to change the user, or NFS sharing?

sadly I sincerely hope the username can be dynamic as well because I am serving the code-server to different users behind a gateway. It would be nicer if they can see their name in the terminal.

it won’t be something we do any time soon if ever at all.