Changing the base URL of linuxserver/grocy

I am wondering if there is a way to change the base URL of linuxserver/grocy. That is, be able to open the app by going to :9283/grocy instead of :9283.

According to this post you can do it on a noncontainerized install of Grocy using Nginx

Given that the Grocy and Nginx config live in the /config folder of the linuxserver/grocy container it seems like you should be able to make the needed changes to make this happen. However, I am very far from being a Nginx expert and all my attempts to do so have failed. Is this possible to do and what would be the correct Nginx config, i.e. update to this file:

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You could use the Swag container and setup a reverse proxy.

True, and probably the better solution and what I would do if I were to put this into “production”.
However, this is more me playing around trying to learn something. I can understand if no one wants to answer. This is just trying to satisfy my own curiosity.

Thank you