Changing validation method in active SWAG

I have registered domain at namecheap, there is not plugin for that provider.
And I don’t have public IP on my main router {my ISP has one more NAT}.
So, I am using duckdns validation for now. I am overriding on my local dns proxy to pointing to my local server where SWAG is running.

It is working but in near future I will have public IP so I can point subdomains to that IP.
I would like to change validation to http.

URL is clear, it will be my registered domain
and in SUBDOMAINS I will list all services which I have.

What is correct way to change VALIDATION in active SWAG?
will docker compose restart work?

If I change SUBDOMAINS list for http validation, is it enough to restart container?


You can update a domain name even with dynamic IP with a DDNS provider.
I use myself Cloudflare DNS and this image

When you change you Docker compose you need to docker compose up again, a restart will only restart the containers with the same parameters

Edit : I misread, you don’t have a dynamic IP, you have a shared IP. I leave the 1st part for future use.