Chromium Issue After Dec 29th Update

I am unable to connect to Chromium after the update. I am using Open VPN. This has been working flawlessly for a year until the update a few days ago. When I pull Chromium out from behind openvpn it works just fine.

[custom-init] No custom files found, skipping...
[] done.
Obt-Message: Xinerama extension is not present on the server
 2023-12-31 13:11:54,605 [PRIO] Connections: accepted: @
 2023-12-31 13:12:25,936 [PRIO] Connections: closed: @ (Clean disconnection)
 2023-12-31 13:12:26,134 [PRIO] Connections: accepted: @

You’re welcome to seek best effort help in #other-support on discord, but none of us use openvpn and we don’t offer support for things behind VPN. If it works without the VPN, our container is working.

Well, it’s kind of working. Editing the template removing the extra parameters code for using open vpn it will it will not work. I have to remove the image, delete the appdata file and reinstall, then it will work. I’m on unraid 6.12.4.