Code Server setting sync

I recently set up code-server but I can’t seem to enable the setting syncing. The button available doesn’t do anything and I see no options in the settings. Is this a feature available or is there a way to enable this? It would really help with setup and working across different platforms.
Screenshot 2023-10-11 at 1.04.54 PM

I don’t believe that works on code-server. You can contact the upstream project or go through their issue reports.

Fwiw, code-server’s purpose is to be able to use/access the same instance on all devices through a browser, so you don’t need to sync anything.

This paste from discord may be helpful (i dont personally use sync)


@kinghat some extensions aren’t available on the cloud code-server, so settings sync works ok with “remove extensions” off, but it’s acting a little funny (two systems overwriting my gist settings a bit too frequently for seemingly no reason)

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