Collabora not connecting

I feel like I’m missing something simple here, but i have no idea what.

I have Linuxserver nextcloud/mariadb reverse proxy’d with swag to my domain… works perfect, no issues.

I installed collabora container
docker run -t -d -p 9980:9980 -e “” -e “username=admin” -e “password=S3cRet” --restart always collabora/code

Container seems to install fine… I’ve added it to my swag network, I’ve added a collabora.subdomain.conf and have added “collabora” CNAME to my domain panel and domains in my swag stack. Swag gets a cert no problem for

Installed the collabora online app, put said domain in and I immediately get a checkmark that the server is available. I also set a template directory. If I go to , I simply get a “OK” in the upper left, which I assume to mean the server is working

I can create a generic text document no problem. I can edit a file, it saves no problem. etc.

When I try to create a new document, spreadsheet, or anything other than a generic text document… It hourglasses for a second, Then I get a message “Document Loading Failed. Failing to Load Nextcloud Office. Please Try Again Later”.

My Nextcloud log isn’t showiing a thing…

The collabora log is throwing these 3… but I can’t find what they mean.

wsd-00001-00073 2021-12-10 06:38:41.689869 +0000 [ docbroker_002 ] ERR No socket associated with WebSocketHandler 0x7f8480001620 to send Close Frame to.| ./net/WebSocketHandler.hpp:177

wsd-00001-00038 2021-12-10 06:38:43.689875 +0000 [ prisoner_poll ] WRN Prisoner connection disconnected but without valid socket.| wsd/COOLWSD.cpp:2363

wsd-00001-00053 2021-12-10 06:40:00.938080 +0000 [ websrv_poll ] WRN convert-to: Requesting address is denied: ::ffff:| wsd/COOLWSD.cpp:2593

I’ve been trying to figure this out for 3 days and am completely stumped.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Just a shoot in the dark… Your Docker subnet is not 172.17.x – maybe it could help to insert the 172.23.x subnet into the ‘post_allow’ section in /etc/coolwsd.xml?

Hmm, that didn’t work either. I didn’t look into it much further as it was frustrating.

I’ll mark this solved as I switched to Only Office, which seems to work perfect.