Configuration of Nextcloud container?

So far I used official NC images with the needed stack build myself.
I’d like to switch to your guys builds but I’m wondering:

  • Do you use the apache or nginx version?
  • Is the NC image fully configured? (with database, cron, redis, php-fpm handler)
  • Is the image compatible with own mail-server and LDAP?
  • As I use Traefik, is there anything special to watch out for?

Thanks guys :wink:

We use nginx
cron, php, nginx and sqlite are included
mysql or redis require separate containers (we do have a mariadb image that works well with it)

I don’t think anyone on the team uses nextcloud with ldap or self hosted mail. But we set up the team nextcloud with an external smtp (mailgun), works well.
I don’t think we got any user complaints about ldap, but you’ll have to try it and see.

No one on our team uses traefik (1 person used to but stopped after v2 came out)
We have our letsencrypt image, which is nginx, php, letsencrypt, fail2ban and it comes with built in proxy confs.

Here’s an article that also talks about setting up nextcloud with our letsencrypt image:

Thanks a lot for your fast and great answer!

A bit late but I use the nextcloud image with LDAP (openldap, but I have actually set nextcloud up with ActiveDirectory’s LDAP at work as well, though not with image). I actually use nextcloud to manage my users passwords until I take time to have authelio or another service in place. Everything is working fine.

I am working on getting nextcloud setup with the mariadb image and am running into difficulty getting it to work. I am setting the MYSQL_ env variables correctly however nextcloud doesn’t seem to see them during startup and never auto configures.

Is there something special needed to get your image to run the autoconfig process for nextcloud during startup?

I don’t know where you found the MySQL variables, but it’s not in our documentation.

You can use the blog post for setting up nextcloud on unraid and just disregard the unraid part.

Setting it up manually isn’t an issue :slight_smile: I am looking to autoprovision it - I think my issue is that I was hoping the standard autoconfig would work

That is something from the official container and not ours. So that will not work using our container.

I don’t understand why you asked this question in this old thread instead of creating a new?